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Buy Women's Designer Diamond Jewelry Online & Know Some Storage & Care Tips

Knowing how to store and take good care of fine jewelry is almost as important as it is to know the best places where you can buy women’s jewelry online. That is because you can never be too careful with something as expensive and delicate as fine jewelry; it becomes our responsibility to maintain its priceless beauty for as long as possible. Fine jewelry is something we invest in with both our money and our sentiments. They affect our present and our future; over time, we grow attached to our chosen pieces and cherish their sentimental value. Therefore, we need to take important steps to preserve these valuable items, and Bellina Gems shares those key steps here, in this blog.  ...

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Jewelry Birthday Gifts and Why they are an Amazing Option

There are many occasions on which jewelry makes the perfect gift. It has been a popular present for hundreds of years. In fact, jewelry can be gifted even without occasion as a “just because” present, and fine jewelry by Bellina Gems will last its recipient for generations to come. Jewelry is one of those few gifts that are not just great ‘for her’ but also ‘for him’. Jewelry birthday gifts are things that everyone enjoys and appreciates, everlasting tokens for that special day of the year (even though you still have to go to work on that day!) that will surely make it memorable.  Jewelry Birthday Gifts: Always a Great Gift A great part about jewelry as birthday gifts is...

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The 3 Most Popular Types of Gold and their Unique Features

While browsing our catalog, you’ll notice that we have mentioned what type of gold they have been made from. Generally, there are three gold settings: yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. Although similar, they are typically distinguishable by their color and composition. Of course, the kind of gold for your jewelry should be chosen according to your personal preference. But since composition or price may play a small part in helping you decide, it helps to know a bit more about the differences in all of these. So, the next time you wonder if you should go for those white gold and diamond studs or the ones in yellow gold instead, you will be more informed and able to...

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