Buy Women's Designer Diamond Jewelry Online & Know Some Storage & Care Tips

Knowing how to store and take good care of fine jewelry is almost as important as it is to know the best places where you can buy women’s jewelry online. That is because you can never be too careful with something as expensive and delicate as fine jewelry; it becomes our responsibility to maintain its priceless beauty for as long as possible.

Fine jewelry is something we invest in with both our money and our sentiments. They affect our present and our future; over time, we grow attached to our chosen pieces and cherish their sentimental value. Therefore, we need to take important steps to preserve these valuable items, and Bellina Gems shares those key steps here, in this blog.  

Learn to Store & Care Before You Buy Designer Jewelry Online

Here are some great tips to help you maintain the value of all the fine jewelry you buy online: 

  1. Choose the Right Jewelry Box 

Fine jewelry requires a good quality jewelry box that can give it the protection it needs against the elements and provide it with a soft interior that prevents scratches or other forms of damage. However, you don’t have to splurge on a fancy case for this purpose; there are many places that sell great quality jewelry cases at reasonable prices.

Just check if the interior fabric is comfortable enough to supply the care your fine jewelry needs, and if your container has different compartments or partitions, every item gets separate space for added safety. This prevents your jewelry pieces from getting entangled and damaging each other because even though precious metals are durable, repeatedly coming in contact with other pieces can prove their undoing. Choose a box that has ample storage space for all your pieces and upgrade to a bigger container as your collection increases when you buy diamond jewelry online.

  1. Place Original Pieces Separately

Every jewelry item that you buy is a distinct piece that needs equal attention according to its constitution, so make sure you store it appropriately. Be aware of the features when you buy women’s jewelry online - which precious stones it contains like pearls, diamonds or other precious stones, what settings the stones are secured in, they incorporate which metals (silver, platinum, gold, etc.). All these features help determine the storage each piece requires.   

  1. Keep its Surroundings Dry and Cool

Too much heat, especially when it is in the form of direct sunlight, is harmful to fine jewelry in the long run. This is because the heat can tarnish precious stones and metals, causing them to lose color as time passes. Humidity is also an enemy of jewelry because moisture in the air can break down clasps and harm some types of gems. 

Therefore, you need to ensure that you always store fine jewelry pieces in a dry, cool, and cleansed space. You can also avoid tarnishing your fine jewelry by opting for anti-tarnish strips for convenience. It is best if you buy these while you buy designer jewelry online because these strips can prevent tarnish, but they cannot remove the damage already done. 



Buy Diamond Jewelry and More Online at Bellina Gems!

These tips are simple enough to follow even as you travel with your fine jewelry. All you need to do is keep each piece separate as you store your jewels in a strong jewelry box that has been sufficiently covered on the inside and is filled with soft material to keep those items safe. 

As long as you show your fine jewelry the love it deserves, it will last wonderfully for many lifetimes. You can do this by remaining gentle with your treatment of the gorgeous and delicate items you own. 

Don’t forget to check the state of jewelry that has been in storage for a long time, because despite all measures, some stones may come loose and will need expert care as soon as possible. Luckily, Bellina Gems offers fine jewelry of superior quality and workmanship, thanks to our extensive experience and skills that span over eight decades. So, make sure to pay a visit to our store whenever you buy women’s jewelry online, because you will find a wide range of amazingly crafted pieces great for everyday use and will become the most beautiful heirloom for future generations!